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The Dime Bank has taken extra measures for security.

On May 29th, we transitioned our website from to domain to provide you with an even more secure banking experience. This change provides another layer of enhanced security and verification requirements to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable The Dime Bank to provide a greater level of digital security.

Why the .bank domain extension?

The accessibility of publicly available, unregulated, and affordable domains like .com and .net allows malicious entities to acquire similar-looking domains effortlessly for conducting business email compromises, phishing, and spoofing attacks, resulting in data breaches, identity theft, and financial fraud.

.bank is a specialized top-level domain reserved solely for banks and financial entities. There is an extensive vetting process in place so that only legitimate banking institutions can utilize ‘.bank’, thereby preventing bad actors from creating imposter domains.

This domain extension acts as a symbol of legitimacy, indicating that the website belongs to an authorized financial institution.

The Dime Bank's email addresses and website URL will now use '.bank' as their ending.  The enhanced security requirements will help mitigate the risk for fraud.

Benefit to our customers

To verify the authenticity of The Dime Bank's emails and website, customers can easily spot the '.bank'. With the '.bank' visual authentication cue in place, consumers can quickly confirm emails and websites are real, and avoid interactions that could lead to identity theft and financial fraud.

Emails written to will be forwarded to the new addresses, and the website previously ending in '.com' will now redirect to the new '.bank' site. Customers are advised to update their address books and bookmarks for

Our marketing materials will be transitioning to our new domain name, so please be patient while we update all materials. If you are unsure whether a communication is from us or a scam, reach out to us by visiting one of our branches or call us at 888-4MY-DIME or 570-253-1970.

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