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Dimeco, Inc. Shareholder Relations

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As a community bank interested in the growth of our region, consider investing in us! If you are interested in purchasing Dimeco, Inc. stock, please see Dimeco, Inc. Stock Market Makers under Corporate and Stockholder information below.

The Bank trades on the OTCQX Marketplace under symbol “DIMC,” operated by OTC Markets Group.

Dimeco, Inc. shares (DIMC) are not insured by the FDIC; are not deposits; and may lose value.
*If you would like a copy of the Audited Financial Statements, please contact us by written or oral request to Dimeco, Inc., 820 Church Street, PO Box 509, Honesdale PA 18431, 1-570-253-1970.
Financial information on Dimeco, Inc.'s recent quarterly earnings and quarterly stockholder letter. 

If you would like a copy of the Quarterly Statements, please contact us by written or oral request to Dimeco, Inc., 820 Church Street, PO Box 509, Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431, 1-570-253-1970.
Dimeco, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
PO Box 509
820 Church Street
Honesdale PA 18431

Stock Listing
The Bank trades on the OTCQX Marketplace under symbol “DIMC,” operated by OTC Markets Group.

Transfer Agent
Equiniti Trust Company, LLC
PO Box 500
Newark, NJ 07101

Dividend Reinvestment Plan
The Company offers a plan for stockholders to automatically reinvest their dividends in shares of common stock along with the opportunity to purchase additional stock. There are no brokerage commissions or fees imposed. For more information, contact the Transfer Agent listed above to enroll in the dividend reinvestment plan, replace lost stock certificates or to change name and address.

Dimeco, Inc. Stock Market Makers

Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC
1717 Arch Street
Philadelphia PA 19103

Raymond James & Associates
222 South Riverside Plaza, 7th Floor
Chicago IL 60606

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
670 N River Street
Wilkes-Barre PA 18705
570-200-3060 | 800-233-8602
The mission of Dimeco, Inc. is operation of a fully integrated financial services institution through its subsidiary The Dime Bank in a market that is defined by the institution's ability to provide services consistent with sound, prudent banking principles and to fulfill the social, economic, moral and political considerations ordinarily associated with a responsible, well-run financial institution.
Dimeco, Inc.’s board of directors is committed to oversight through active participation during monthly meetings. Strong corporate governance is cultivated through an atmosphere of trust and candor. Diversity of thought is encouraged to bring “thinking outside the box”, a facet that we consider crucial to healthy boardroom dynamics.

Through involvement in their personal area of expertise and with a wide array of charitable and civic organizations, the board maintains community connections and utilizes well-rounded experience to assist in decision making for Dimeco, Inc.

Our qualified board is fully seasoned and its entirety has well over a century of directorial experience and leadership in the business community. Our directors are actively involved in bringing business to our bank and actively participate on several committees including Loan, Wealth Management, Technology, Audit, Community Reinvestment Act and 401(k).

Members arrive at meetings prepared to evaluate the presentations of management in order to ensure that Dimeco, Inc. and its subsidiary, The Dime Bank, are managed in the best interests of our shareholders and that our business practices conform to the highest standards of integrity.

Board of Directors

The Dime Bank Director John S KiesendahlJohn S. Kiesendahl
John S. Kiesendahl is the Vice President of Woodloch Pines Inc., a resort located in Hawley, Pennsylvania since 1981. He is a principal in several businesses associated with the resort. Mr. Kiesendahl has been a member of the Bank’s Board of Directors since 1985 and has been an active member or chair of several committees. His extensive business experience in the operation of a family resort, its affiliated golf course, world-class spa and residential community includes all aspects of the business including hospitality operations, real estate development and financing.

The Dime Bank Director Todd J StephensTodd J. Stephens
Todd J. Stephens was born and raised in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. He is the Chief Operating Officer for the Medical Shoppe, LTD, parent company of Stephens Pharmacy and Northeast Med-Equip., holding this position since 2007. He is also the founder and managing partner of Northeast Accessibility, a provider of specialty equipment and solutions for persons with limited mobility. Prior to that, he was employed with Boston Coach Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments. During his tenure with that Company, he rose to the level of Senior Vice President with responsibilities for national operations, directing marketing and commerce efforts and managing a national sales organization.

The Dime Bank President and Chief Executive Officer and Director Peter BochnovichPeter Bochnovich
Peter Bochnovich is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Bank. Mr. Bochnovich was appointed President and Director on January 1, 2020. He was previously appointed Chief Executive Officer on September 1, 2019. Prior to September 2019, Mr. Bochnovich served the Company and Bank in various capacities. He has been employed in the financial services industry for over thirty-five years. He is actively involved in numerous community, charitable, and civic organizations.

The Dime Bank Director John F Spall EsqJohn F. Spall, Esq.
John F. Spall is an attorney, practicing in Hawley, Pennsylvania since 1971. Mr. Spall has been active in all phases of the legal profession for nearly fifty years with an emphasis on real estate transactions. He is a former solicitor for numerous municipalities and has been Assistant District Attorney for Wayne County. He currently serves as President of the Wallenpaupack Area School District Board of Education.

The Dime Bank Director Barbara J GenzlingerBarbara J. Genzlinger
Barbara J. Genzlinger is one of the original founders in the early 1980s of The Settlers Inn, a country inn located in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Ms. Genzlinger is personally involved in various hospitality businesses daily and interacts regularly with many area residents. She is active in numerous community and civic organizations along with a national innkeepers’ organization.
The Dime Bank Director David D Reynolds MDDavid D. Reynolds, M.D. AGAF
David D. Reynolds, M.D. AGAF is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Northeastern Gastroenterology Associates, President, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Mountain Laurel Surgical Center and Maple City Anesthesia, LLC, and a partner of SGR Real Estate. He is board certified in gastroenterology and is active in numerous medical organizations.

The Dime Bank Director Gregory J FrigolettoGregory J. Frigoletto
Gregory J. Frigoletto is the District Superintendent of Wayne Highlands School District and long-time resident of Wayne County. He has an extensive background serving our community with over twenty-five years in the field of education at Wayne Highlands School District, including twenty years as an administrator. He is actively involved in numerous local charitable and civic organizations.

The Dime Bank Director Brian T KellyBrian T. Kelly
Brian T. Kelly is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of Brian T. Kelly CPA & Associates, LLC with offices in Carbondale, Honesdale, and Old Forge. He has over twenty-eight years of experience in public accounting, providing audit, tax, and consulting services to various clients. He is actively involved in numerous professional and civic organizations.

The Dime Bank Director Gary C BeilmanGary C. Beilman
Gary C. Beilman is retired. Prior to Mr. Beilman’s retirement, he served as the President and CEO of the Dime Bank as well as other various capacities. Mr. Beilman provides knowledge and experience of over forty years in the financial services industry. He is actively involved in numerous community, charitable and civic organizations.

A picture of Aimee Skier, board director.Aimee M. Skier
Aimee M. Skier is Co-President of A.M. Skier Agency, Inc., an insurance agency, located in Hawley, Pennsylvania since 1973. A.M. Skier Inc., is one of the largest independent insurers of children’s summer camps in the United States. Ms. Skier provides a rich background in children’s camps and the insurance industry. She remains involved in several charitable organizations.

A picture of Lorraine Collins, board director.
Lorraine Collins
Lorraine Collins is President of Davis R. Chant Realtors, Owner, Vice-President, and Controller of Joybeck Custom Builders, and President of Lords Valley Association. Mrs. Collins has over forty years of finance and real estate experience along with several years of varied executive experience.

Photo of Mike Peifer Board of DirectorsMike Peifer
Mike Peifer is a senior advisor with Novak Strategic Advisors, where he provides wide-ranging, strategic solutions to everyday business needs. Additionally, Peifer has represented the 139th district, encompassing parts of Pike and Wayne counties, in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for eight terms.

A picture of Robert E Genirs, board director.
Robert E. Genirs
Director Emeritus

The Dime Bank Director Henry M Skier
Henry M. Skier
Director Emeritus

Board of Directors Testimonials:

“Being a shareholder of The Dime Bank is not only a wise investment, but it also means you are part of the core fabric of the communities we serve. I have been a shareholder and director of The Dime Bank for over 35 years and I have always been extremely proud of the positive reputation and influence The Dime Bank has in our area. The Dime is the leading lender to local businesses; generously supports our community charities/nonprofit organizations; awards merit scholarships to worthy students; and the members of our Dime Bank team donate their time and talents to over 150 community organizations. The Dime Bank is a good investment that does good things where we live. Join us and share in the pride of being part of an organization that makes a difference in the lives our neighbors.” -John S. Kiesendahl
"The Dime Bank has a long and storied history of achievements and growth since being founded in 1905 as a financial resource dedicated to serving the community.  We have grown over the years, and I am proud to have been a shareholder since 1982. The Dime Bank is a public company owned by shareholders who share in the growth of the Bank with dividends and changes in stock price.  And, there are market makers of Dimeco who offer shares to investors.  Join us.  Because when you are a shareholder, it is said, 'It’s your Dime!'" -Henry M. Skier

"The Dime Bank is the premiere organization in supporting the community at large, our neighbors, and the businesses that keep our region thriving. Being a shareholder in a local institution gives us confidence in our investment and allows us to see the good being done and progress being made here, where we live, work, and raise our children. As an employer, The Dime Bank provides the opportunity to build careers and change lives. I’ve found investing in Dimeco (DIMC) provides stability, growth, and reward. Shareholders, customers, employees, and community are the core focus of everything we do at The Dime Bank. I invite you to join us and see the difference we can make, together." -Todd J. Stephens

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If you would like a copy of the Audited Financial Statements and/or Quarterly Statements, please contact us by written or oral request to Dimeco, Inc., 820 Church Street, PO Box 509, Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431, 1-570-253-1970.