Cookies Statement

The Dime Bank respects your privacy. Through our website, we strive to provide valuable information to you about how we may serve you. Whether you are a valued existing customer or someone shopping for new bank services, we hope our site answers your questions about our products and services.

Cookies and The Dime Bank.

So, what is a "cookie"? A cookie is a very small text file (up to 4KB) created by a website you’ve visited. The cookie is stored in your computer or mobile device either temporarily for that browsing session only or permanently on the hard disk, this is called a persistent cookie. Cookies provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences.

At the Dime Bank, we categorize cookies three ways.

Administration cookies

Administration cookies, sometimes referred to as "analytics cookies", collect data about how visitors (consumer or customer) use our website, such as which pages are visited and if the user receives any error messages from our web pages. We use this data to improve how our website works to provide our users with a better experience.

Administration cookies are generally used to:
  • Help us improve the website based on tracking of number of visitors to the website, where visitors have come from, and pages they have visited;
  • Identify if users are visiting our website because they are a recipient of an email marketing campaign, so that we can measure the effectiveness of our email campaigns; and
  • Identify if a user has previously visited our website.

Feature cookies

Feature cookies, sometimes referred to as "preference cookies", allow us to remember certain selections or preferences you have made in order for us to tailor our website to you. Feature cookies collect data about your choices and preferences and allow us to remember language or other local settings and customize the website accordingly. We use this data to improve how our website works and provide our users with a better experience.

Feature cookies are generally used to:
  • Remember your location, so that we can show the branches of The Dime Bank nearest you;
  • Remember your preferences for user experience; and
  • Remember your progress when you complete a form on our website, by collecting data.

Marketing cookies

The Dime Bank may use marketing cookies, sometimes referred to as "advertising cookies", to market to you products and services in which you may be interested. To target our ads, we use data obtained from analyzing your online activities, such as the pages you visit on our website or a third party's website. We may advertise to you on our own website, on third party websites, or on other media, such as social media platforms.

The Dime Bank is committed to securing your data on our website. Cookies play a role in that goal. Thank you for choosing The Dime Bank.